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McKelvie's Jumbo Shot

When you think of a "jumbo shot" the photo above might represent one of your worst nightmares. That one looks like it's going to hurt--- a lot--- and you probably can't expect much in the way of sympathy from the old-fashioned stern-looking nurse who is preparing to administer it. Neither is it likely to be a "shot in the arm," if you know what we're getting at.

On the checkerboard, a jumbo shot could be a nightmare or a delight, depending which end of it you're on. It too could hurt the recipient a great deal while definitely being a shot in the arm to the one who delivers it. Today's excerpt from Willie Ryan's Tricks Traps & Shots of the Checkerboard features our old friend Mr. McKelvie and a shot to end them all. Willie explains, even if somewhat briefly.

"Here's another good number by Champion D. G. McKelvie on the Souter opening, in which 15 pieces are cleared from the board in one grandiose sweep. McKelvie was evidently a keen student of the stroke art, since many of the best-known coups are credited to his name.

11-15 26-22---1 11-15---3
23-19 8-11 30-26
9-14 22-17 8-11
22-17 4- 8---2 26-22
6- 9 27-23 3- 8. This
17-13 15-18---A brings you
2- 6 32-27 to the

A---After this, black is trapped and tied. Better play here for a draw is: 14-18, 23-14, 9-18, 17-14, 10-17, 21-14, 7-10, 14-7, 3-10, 24-20, 15-24, 28-19, 5-9*. Wm. F. Ryan.

1---A weak move; 25-22 is much better---Ed.

2---Gives up all advantage. 14-18 would have kept a strong lead---Ed.

3---Turns a probable loss into a clear one. 11-16 would have minimized the damage although there is really no saving this one---Ed.


White to Play and Win

Will you find this one to be a shot in the arm, or a pain in, you know, the other place? We won't needle you any further; take a stab at it and then press the plunger on Read More to see the solution.


"Continue: 31-26---B, 11-16, 24-20, 15-31, 22-15, 31-22, 20-2, 10-26, 17-10, 6-15, 13-6, 1-10, 25-4, and white wins.

B---Wins with dispatch, forcing black into a losing 15-piece clearance; instead of 31-26, white can also win with: 24-20---4, 15-24, 28-19, 11-15, 20-16, 15-24, 22-15, 12-26, 27-20, 10-19, 17-3, double exposure. Wm. F. Ryan."

4---While this does win, it isn't nearly as good or half as much fun---Ed.

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