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Do It Fast but Do It Right

Some things need to be done quickly, but they also need to be done correctly. In the photo above, our high-hurdlers need to be sure to clear the barriers, but they have no time to lose. Needless to say, these two requirements are not always compatible and can cause considerable stress.

This month's speed problem allows for a quick solution, but making a move without a little thought can lead to trouble. So, do it fast, but do it right--- we think 15 seconds is enough time for what seems like a simple 2x2 ending. Click on the link below to display the problem and start the clock. Then come back here and click on Read More to see the solution and notes.

May Speed Problem (not so hard)



White to Play and Win


17-21---A 25-22---B 18-14 10-17 21-14 and White wins on the move.

A---Don't be hasty! 17-22 25-29 leads nowhere, while 18-14 actually loses after 25-21 14-7 25-14 and it's Black that has the move.

B---25-30 18-14 10-17 21-14 and White also wins on the move.

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