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The pyramids conjure up images of ancient mystery, of the secrets of a long gone era, of a certain spine-tingling strangeness. We're sure you understand what we mean.

While the pyramid concept in checkers is somewhat less spine-tingling, nevertheless, there has for decades been a certain mystique, if somewhat short of mystery, surrounding it. As set forth by its colorful proponent, Julius D'Orio, we are asked to believe that maintaining a pyramid formation at the bottom of our side of the board is the key to success. But alas, checkers is never so simple, and to paraphrase checker pundit Jim Loy, "Sometimes it wins, sometimes it loses."

This month's speed problem contains a mini-pyramid of three white pieces in the middle of the board, and at first glance, it surely looks like it isn't exactly favorable. But, like the pyramids of old, the checkerboard conceals many secrets. Can you--- in fifteen seconds or less--- find the secret of this position?

When you're ready, click below to display the setup and start the clock; then come back and click on Read More to verify your solution.

August 2010 Speed Problem (easy, 15 seconds)



White to Play and Win


15-10 19x12 10-6 12-16 6-2 16x7 2x11 White Wins.

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