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Professor, What's Your Opinion On This?

The position shown just below arose in a game nearly 80 years ago between a certain Phildelphian named Simon Becker, and Professor Guy H. Garwood of McComb, Ohio. Now, McComb is and always has been a small village (its current population is under 2,000) and it has never had a college or university. Perhaps Prof. Garwood taught at nearby University of Findlay, a large and historical school in Findlay, Ohio; but we were unable, in the time we had available, to find out anything about the good Professor except that he was a championship-caliber player who scored some notable wins in big-time tournament play. (The photo above is obviously not of Professor Garwood.)

How, then, did he get himself into the predicament the White forces appear to suffer from? We don't know that answer, either, but we would like to at least metaphorically ask the Professor for his opinion on the position. Professor, it's your move with White, what result?


White to Play, What Result?


Yet another thing we don't know is if you, our reader, happen to be a Professor yourself. But that's really immaterial. In fact, if you solve this problem correctly, we'll give you the title of Honorary Professor of Checkers. With an incentive like that, we know you'll want to solve it, so do so, and click on Read More to verify your solution.


The Professor's opinion is that the position is a draw, and in the actual game he demonstrated it over the board.

25-22*---A 11-16 32-27 16-20 23-19 15x24 27-23 10-15---B, C 17x10 15-19 23x16 6x15 16-11 1-5 11-7 28-32 7-3 etc. Drawn.

A---The only move to draw. With any other try, White runs out of moves, for instance 32-27 28-32 27-24 1-5 24-20 32-28 25-22 28-32 31-27 32-28 and White must lose.

B---If 28-32, then 22-18 6-9 13x6 32-27 18x9 27x18 6-2 18-15 17-14 10x17 21x14 1-6 9-5 6-9 14-10 15x6 5-1 6-10 2-6, etc. Drawn.

C---Or 1-5 22-18 6-9 etc., to a draw similar to Note B.

If you've solved this one--- no faking, now!--- and would like a certificate recognizing your status as Honorary Professor of Checkers, send us an email and we'll email back a printable, do-it-yourself certificate.

Note: For entertainment purposes only. The Checker Maven is not a licensed or accredited degree or title granting organization.

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