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Secret Hideaway

Don't tell anyone, but The Checker Maven has a secret hideaway.

Unfortunately, it isn't a bungalow tucked away on a remote tropical island, much as we might wish; but for a checker fan, it might be something even better: we have a hidden stash of checker problems.

No, we're definitely not telling. But in our weekly columns, little by little we'll share some (maybe even all) of the contents of our secret checker problem hideaway with you. Today, we'll start with a deceptive little situation of the "what result?" variety. Take a look at the diagram below.


Black to Play, What Result?


We can't offer a week's vacation in Paradise as a prize for solving this one; we can only promise you self-satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. Tease out the secret and then click on Read More, which will reveal the solution's hideaway.


The position is drawn, but it is easy enough for Black to go wrong. The main line below is calculated by the strong computer engine KingsRow.

7-11---4 32-28---1 11-15 31-26 17-21 28-24---2 21-25 3-7 5-9 26-22 25-30 22-17---3 9-13 17-14 15-18 14-9 etc. Drawn.

1---Chasing the man with, for instance 3-8, is of no avail after 11-15 8-11 15-18 11-15 18-22 15-18? 17-21 18x25 21x30. Drawn.

2---If 3-7 then 21-25 7-11 30-26. Drawn.

3---If for instance 7-11 is attempted, then 30-26 easily keeps the draw.

4---A quick and careless 7-10 loses here: 7-10 3-7 10-15 7-10 15-19---5 10-15 19-24 32-28 White Wins.

5---If 15-18 then 10-15 White Wins.

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