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Valentine's Day Celebration

Valentine's Day is the traditional day of romance, yet we are certain that our game of checkers and romance are seldom associated. More's the pity, as we can see in the photo of the young folks just above, and the wonderful picture of the older folks just below.

We like to think that checkers can be an important part of a romantic relationship. Consider: checkers is good clean fun; it's sociable; and it's an inexpensive activity. It's one of the overlooked simple things that can add a lot to a couple's time together.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, here's a checker problem that is of moderate difficulty; we propose that it's just the right thing for you and your Significant Other to work on during a pleasant hour together, perhaps over a soda or a pot of tea. And who knows where it all might lead?


Black to Play and Win


Put your heart into finding the answer, then click on Read More for the charming solution.


The main solution runs as follows; variants are of course possible.

2-7 20-16 31-27 16-12 27-24 12-8 24-19 8-4 19-16 4-8 16-12 8-4 7-11 4-8 10-15 8-4 15-18 22x8 14-18 3-7 12x10 4-8 10-15 8-12 15-11 Black Wins.

If you noticed the resemblance to last week's speed problem, score one for you. This week's problem is a more complicated version of the same general theme.

May all our readers have a heart-warming Valentine's Day!

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