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At the Stroke of Midnight

Did you stay up to see the clock strike twelve this past New Year's Eve? If you're like most of the Checker Maven staff, who are, after all, a little older than they once were, ten o'clock is already a late hour and waiting up for the stroke of midnight is a difficult task.

So instead, let's deal with not a clock stroke, but a checker stroke; that intriguing specimen of a checker problem that, like yogurt and opera, you either love or hate. And, since by now you've surely recovered from possible New Year's Eve revelry, we're setting out a position that is especially bewildering. Just take a look below.


White to Play and Win


Of course, we expect you to solve this one completely from the diagram --- no setting up the board and moving the pieces! When you've clocked your solution, take the time to click on Read More to check your answer.


25-22 18x25 23-18 32x23 24-19 23x16 18-15 11x18 2x11 16x7 9x11 18x9 13x6 1x10 20-16 12x19 11-7 4x11 7x7 White Wins.

Whether you're a fan of stroke problems or not, there's no denying that fireworks of this sort are pretty spectacular!

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