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Faster, Cheaper, Better

There's an old maxim well known in formal project management practice: "Faster - Cheaper - Better: Choose two." Or, in the words of that yesteryear Cambridge, Massachusetts salesman known simply as Cheap Al: "You can't have all the goodies for nothing."

This month's speed problem indeed calls upon two of the three attributes mentioned in our title, namely, faster and better. Although the problem is quite easy, you'll need to be fast and rather a better player to solve this one within the very brief allowed time. Of course, "cheaper" doesn't enter into the picture as The Checker Maven always has been and always will be a free publication. Sorry Al, but maybe you can have all the goodies for nothing!

Click on the link below to show our problem and start the unforgiving JavaScript clock.

March Speed Problem (very easy)

When you're done, clicking on Read More gives you a faster, cheaper, and better way to see the correct solution.


23-18 14-23 5-9 13-6 1-17 Black Wins.

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