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Elegance and Style

Little can match British architectural style and elegance as demonstrated in the photo above. Neither too simple nor too complex, blending historical charm with enduring utility, we can't help but be impressed. Yet in the world of draughts, for something comparable we always turn to the American master of checker problem elegance and style, Tom Wiswell. This week's offering is neither too difficult nor too easy, and combines charm and style with practicality and instructiveness. It's a tour-de-force of which few other than Mr. Wiswell would be capable. Here's the position.


White to Play and Win


Try your hand at this one, and then click on Read More for the solution and explanatory notes. Take your time and enjoy it to the fullest; it's sheer elegance on the draughts board.


13-9 4-8---A 9-6 8-11 6-2 11-15 2-6 15-18 31-26 21-25 6-10 25-30 10-14 30-23 32-27 23-32 14-23---1 White Wins.

A---Tom Wiswell has the following comment: "Black's only chance to draw is to make a dash for the King row as White threatens to win by holding two pieces (4 and 28) on the side of the board." But what about the obvious quick King by 21-25 and 25-30? That loses exactly as Mr. Wiswell predicts: 13-9 21-25 9-6 25-30 6-2 (now 4-8 is simply met by 2-7) 30-25 2-7 25-22 7-10 22-18 31-26 4-8 10-7 18-14 26-23 8-12 7-11 14-10 23-19 10-14 19-15 etc., to a White win.

1---A very pretty finish. Other winning lines are possible but this one, as given by Mr. Wiswell, is especially elegant. Who would think that so much is possible with just three men on each side?

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