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A Real-Life Checker Problem

Our photo above shows a real-life family enjoying a game of checkers, and in recognition of all the recreational checkerists out there, this month we've selected a simple speed problem drawn from real-life play. We've taken a position occurring in a game that took place on the GoldToken internet site; it shows the winning player taking advantage of an error that sets up a nice little play.

We think ten seconds is enough time to find the win. Click on the link below to show the problem and start our real-life clock.

March Speed Problem (easy)

Got it? Click on Read More to find the solution for real.


7-11 17-10 19-24 28-19 15-31 Black Wins. Note how Black allowed the 17-10 jump, to take advantage of the White piece landing on square 10, to set up his shot.

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