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Faster Than Greased Lightning

Our first set of speed problems for the year are truly worthy of the title. They both fall decidedly into the "easy" category, but as we know our readers enjoy a challenge, we're setting the time limits at record lows--- five seconds for the first problem and ten seconds for the second! We think this should satisfy everyone. Advanced players can try to sight-solve the problems in the rather strict time limits allotted. Less experienced players can simply look for the solutions and ignore the clock (well, yes, that is easier said than done).

Are you ready? Click below to start each problem--- faster than greased lightning!

February Speed Problem No. 1 (five seconds)

February Speed Problem No. 2 (ten seconds)

When you're finished, slide your mouse over and zap Read More to see the solutions.


Problem 1: 13-17 21-14 27-23 Black Wins.

Problem 2: 32-27 10-17 7-11 31-24 11-27 White Wins.

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