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The Bizarre World of Strokes

We haven't run a "stroke" problem in a little while, though it's something we like to do for the sake of variety on the first Saturday of some months. Today we return to that theme, and present a problem that was considered "easy" by the author.

Much as the photo above represents the bizarre side of architecture, stroke problems are certainly the bizarre side of the world of checkers. You either love them or hate them, and we think that depends in no small measure on whether you're able to solve them. Stroke problems call upon your ability to visualize long, forced series of moves. They are an excellent test of your skills, but seldom, if ever, an exercise in practical play.

So here's our so-called "easy" problem.


White to Play and Win


Could you find your way through, or is all simply too bizarre? Whatever your result, click on Read More to see the "easy" solution. Did we say "easy"? You may or may not agree!


1. 10-7 11x2
2. 12-8 4x11
3. 19-15 11x18
4. 9-14 2x9
5. 14x23 27x18
6. 5x23 32-27
7. 23x32 White Wins.

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