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The Police Athletic League (PAL) is a venerable institution with chapters all across the United States. The idea is at once simple and brilliant: to bring police and kids together in a positive, partnership-building environment, which fosters mutual trust and respect. Of course, basketball and similar sports are prominently featured, but other activities such as homework help and board games are also on the agenda.

Once upon a time in New York City, legendary checkerist Kenneth Grover served as a PAL checker instructor. In his PAL chapter, the following Tom Wiswell problem was a big favorite. It's not too hard, not too easy, and as simple and brilliant as the PAL concept itself.


White to Play and Draw


Forces are even but the White man on 11 is rather exposed, and Black is about to get a king. Can you save the game for the White forces?

As always, solve the problem and click on Read More to view the solution. And, we urge you to be a PAL yourself. Support the work of your local PAL chapter and help build better communities.


13-9 22-26 29-25 26-30 25-21 30-26 21-17 26-23 17-13 23-19 9-6 2-9 13-6 19-15 6-2 15-8 2-7 and White, though a man down, draws via the "Single Corner" draw, as Black can make no progress in this position.

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