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Fine Summer Days

This time of year it is our wont to observe that in the Northern Hemisphere the days are long and hot, and folks are out enjoying summer. So our August speed problems this time are most definitely on the easy side, and solving them won't cut into your pool or picnic time.

In fact, just to be sure that you have plenty of time for the summer pursuits of your choice, we're setting the time limit for these problems to a mere ten seconds. Don't blink twice, you may be too late! Click on the links below to show the problems and start the clock on your ten second solving time.

August Speed Problem One (very easy)

August Speed Problem Two
(very easy)

Check your solutions by clicking on Read More, and then go back to your enjoyment of a fine summer day.

Editor's Note: To our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, who are mired in the depths of winter, we can only point out that in less than six months the tables will be turned.


Problem One

White to Play and Win


18-22 3-8 15-18 8-15 18-11 White Wins.

Problem Two

White to Play and Win


24-19 16-23 31-26 23-30 17-21 30-26 21-23 29-25 23-18 25-29 18-22 White Wins.

And now, back to summer enjoyment!

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