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Konane Kane

Hawaiian Konane Board Carved in Rock

Ed Gilbert generously sent along a copy of his 10-piece KingsRow endgame database (see previous story) for the use of The Checker Maven, and we've been having a few pleasant adventures getting it all set up and ready to use. We in turn send our thanks to Ed for supporting our ongoing work of bringing checkers to the public each and every week.

Our general policy is not to solicit donations and not to accept them if offered, as we believe that The Checker Maven should be free for everyone, and we don't want to have class distinctions between donors and non-donors. But Ed's offer was very special and very much appreciated. (We did also once accept a generous donation from Brian Hinkle, which is subsidizing a future electronic republication of a classic checker book.)

To install Ed's database, we really needed a faster and larger computer system, so, at Ed's advice, we built one from an assemblage of parts ordered from the component vendor Newegg. It took a little time and effort but our new system is running fine. We've called it Konane Kane which in Hawaiian roughly means Checker Dude. (The game Konane is sometimes called "Hawaiian Checkers.")

Here's a picture of the new system in the basement laboratory of our Santa Fe offices.

"Konane Kane" in our Santa Fe Computer Laboratory

Sometime later next year, Konane Kane will likely travel to "Hawai`i nei" and become the main computer at our Honolulu offices. In the meanwhile, we'll be using it and Ed's phenomenal database to bring you exciting new features and articles. It's a big win all around. Mahalo nui loa!

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