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Rustic Charm

We always appreciate the beauty of simplicity, such as the rustic charm of a country inn, where basic, down-to-earth dishes are served up with a special kind of elegance. We think you'll agree that today's little problem shares that simple charm; it's a practical situation requiring straightforward yet precise play.


White to Play and Win


White is a man up, but Black has two kings and seems to be in control. Can you find the way for White to come through with a win? We're not talking about the type of play that resembles haute cuisine, just honest country cooking leading to a satisfying repast.

The problem is quite a bit easier than it might appear at first glance. Work out the solution (without a board and pieces, if possible), but be sure to avoid the inelegance of frustration; clicking on Read More will give you an annotated run-down of the winning procedure.


16-11---A. 22-26---B 15-10 26-22---C 18-15---D 22-18 10-6 18-14 6-1 14-18 15-10 18-22 11-7 3-8 7-3 8-11 10-6 22-18 6-2 with a clear win for White.

A---The key to the solution, immobilizing the Black king on 3.

B---Black has nothing better; if 22-17 then 15-10 17-22 18-15 22-18 continuing as in the main line of the solution.

C---If instead 26-23 then 11-7 23-14 7-2 14-7 2-11 White Wins.

D---White has achieved a safe formation and the rest of the win is routine.

Did you solve it? No matter if you did or didn't; this weekend, reward yourself with a relaxing dinner for two at a country inn near you.

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