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Ace in the Hole

Today we bring you a checker problem that's a little bit easier than some others; it's called "The Ace in the Hole" and is by E. A. Jones. It's really more in the nature of a study or a lesson.

In the position below, forces are even, but the Black king seriously threatens the two White men. To get a draw, White will indeed need an "ace in the hole." If you were a betting person, which side would you take?


White to Play and Draw


Find out for yourself by solving the problem; is there an Ace in the hole or just a losing low card? A sure bet, though, is clicking on Read More; that's guaranteed to bring you the answers.


17-13---A 30-25 22-17 25-21 13-9---B 21-14 3-7---C. Drawn.

A---17-14 or 21-18 both lose to a straddle or a two for one, for example 17-14 30-25 22-17 25-22 17-13 5-9.

B---17-14 1-6 3-7 21-17 Black wins.

C---In this position Black only has 1-6 to hold the draw! Everything else loses, for instance 14-18 9-6 1-10 and White wins on the move.

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