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ACF Announces Five Thousand Dollar Youth Prize


It's been said that practically no one has made a living at checkers, and those few that did found that living to be pretty slim.

We're not saying that this has all changed now, but thanks to the great generosity of an anonymous donor, Big Money has come to youth checkers!

This year's Arther Niederhoffer Youth Tournament, to be held in Las Vegas at the Plaza Hotel on July 21 and 22, offers a five thousand dollar first prize to the winner of the top section. That's no misprint; the top prize is five thousand dollars in the "Expert Youth" group, intended for ages 16-21. Clocks will be used and games recorded, just like they do uptown.

If you're in the age range listed and have what it takes (or you know someone who qualifies), you won't want to miss this incredible event, with a cash prize the likes of which youth checkers has never seen.

More information can be found on the American Checker Federation website.

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