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Roybn's Fast Shots

This month's speed problems were contributed by a GoldToken player who calls himself Robyn Hode. Though we're not informed about his archery skills, he's certainly a fine checkerist, as these "fast shots" will show. They are relatively easy, so we won't give you much time to fire your bolt. The first problem arises from a common beginner's blunder in the Single Corner opening. The second problem is adapted from Italian checkers.

November Speed Problem 1. 5 seconds; very easy.

November Speed Problem 2. 15 seconds; fairly easy.

Quickly find the target, but there's no need to quiver; clicking on Read More takes you straight as an arrow to the solutions.


Problem 1

12-16 20-11 8-29 Black Wins.

Problem 2

10-6 2-9 22-18 15-22 26-10 and White should win with the early King. (KingsRow rates the position at about -196 which equates to a highly likely White win.)

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