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Dog Days of Summer

Our canine friend seems to have found a cool, wet place to seek relief from the heat of an August midafternoon. But if you wish to beat our relentless clock on this month's speed problems, you won't be able to rest on your haunches; you'll have to brave the heat and show some hustle.

August Speed Problem 1 (very easy to easy). We're allowing you all of 30 seconds for this one.

August Speed Problem 2 (easy to moderate). For this one, you get two minutes, though you may not need it.

But don't sweat; clicking on Read More will bring you cool comfort by showing you our solutions.


Problem One 23-19 22-15-6 (24-15-6 same) 5-1 24-15 (22-15 same) 1-19 White Wins.

Problem Two 24-19 31-26 (31-27 same) 10-7 2-11 19-15 11-18 14-23-30 White Wins.

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