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Mac Banks, Sportsman and Champion

Recently Mac Banks, the postal play World Champion, defended his title against Canada's Bill Carter. As reported here earlier, the match was played not with traditional postcards and stamps, but on the Internet at the turn-based Wyllie site.

Mr. Carter proved a most formidable opponent, and the match ended in a deadlock, with all 24 games being played to a draw. Mr. Banks retained his title by virtue of this undecided match.

But Mac is no ordinary champion, much as he is no ordinary player. Mr. Banks took the unprecedented step of offering Mr. Carter an immediate rematch. The return engagement will be played in September, also on the Wyllie site.

And Mac didn't stop there. As he stated in a note on the Wyllie site, "I have decided to be a playing champion and not just wait the two years that I am allotted to do." So, even before Mac has his rematch with Bill Carter, he will play a match with Irish challenger Tommy Canning. Tommy finished second in the world qualifiers and is a winner of the British mail title, and is a tough competitor by any measure. Mac adds, "If I still am champ I will play Bill Carter on or about 15 September." The match with Tommy will start on July 31.

That's three, count them, three title defenses in as many months!

It takes a real champion and a man of courage and character to step up and take on all comers without hesitation, fear, or delay. We can't help but recognize that Mac plays the game for its own sake, believes strongly that the best player should be the champ, and backs up his beliefs with action.

In doing this, Mac Banks proves himself to be a true sportsman and a champion for the ages. We applaud and admire him.

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