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The Zephyr

Today's problem, a Tom Wiswell gem provided to us by Harold Schneider, was titled Zephyr by Mr. Wiswell, though we're not sure quite why. After all, the word Zephyr has various meanings such as the west wind (after Zephyr, the Greek deity of the west wind); a gentle breeze; a soft, light fabric; or something airy, insubstantial, and passing.

Surely, though, there is nothing airy or insubstantial about our featured problem. Perhaps the title was inspired by the mighty passenger trains of a bygone day that took the name Zephyr. We really don't know; we simply invite you to partake of a cool summer refresher while basking in gentle westerly breezes, as you work out the solution to this challenger.


White to Play and Win

It would seem that White's position is on the superior side and that the win should be rather easy. Appearances are often deceptive, though, and it will take your best efforts to bring about a White victory.

When you've come up with your answer, breeze on over and click Read More to see how it's done.


20-24 10-14 24-27---A 14-18 27-31--i 18-22 3-7 12-8 11-15 8-3 7-11 22-25 30-26 3-8 26-22 25-30 15-18 White Wins.

A---If 11-15 then 14-17 24-19 17-22 3-7 22-26 Drawn.

i---This move surprised us at first, but it is the only way to win. ---Ed.

Minor variations on the solution are possible but the above lines show the main ideas.

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