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Fourth Of July Race

Fourth of July, coming up in a few days from the date of publication of this article, is of course the Independence Day holiday here in the US. It's invariably celebrated with fireworks, picnics, and games.... including many a Fourth of July race.

Can you win the race against our relentless clock and solve our July speed problem? Click below to show the problem and start the clock. Our problem is a bit on the easier side, so that you'll have more time to spend at the picnic.

July Speed Problem (easy)

When you have your solution, don't lose time; click on Read More to check your answer.


27-23 14-17 23-18 17-26 18-14 15-31 13-17 31-26 17-21 26-22 White wins.

And, be sure to treat yourself to a nice tall cool one to celebrate the 4th of July!

The Checker Maven encourages only responsible drinking by those of legal age, and if you drink and drive we sincerely hope you are put in jail before you get a chance to hurt anyone.

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