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Just Ask Your Mom

Mother's Day this year is celebrated on Sunday, May 14, 2006, the day after this article is due to be published, and we hope you've remembered your Mom in whatever way might be appropriate.

While we can't really say that today's feature problem is directly related to Mother's Day, it's a real teaser, and if you're stuck, we suggest that you just ask Mom for help.


White to Play and Win

Forces are even, but White has a man stuck in the dog hole. What is to be done?

Solve the problem, and check your solution with Mom. If she plays coy, though, you can always click on Read More for the answer.


16-20---A 23-16 20-11 26-22 7-2 14-18 2-6 10-14 6-9 22-17 11-7 17-22 7-10 22-17 9-13 White Wins.

A---Our first tendency was to try 16-12 but this only draws, for example: 23-16 12-19 26-22 19-23 10-15 7-10 22-18 Drawn.

If Mom had a different solution, though, don't argue. Mom always knows best.

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