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A Startling Reverse

The title for this problem was bestowed upon the position by Willie Ryan himself, as published posthumiously in the book Big League Checkers. Here's the position:


Black to Play and Win


Forces are even, but frankly, we don't really like the looks of the Black piece on 17. Can you come up with the move that turns the tables and wins the game?

Give it a spin, and if it all comes out backwards, turn around and click on Read More for the solution.


17-22 26-17 9-13 25-22 6-9 Black Wins; possible continuations are:

31-26 3-8 26-23 11-15 20-11 7-16 18-11 9-25 24-20 8-15 20-11 13-22


30-25 11-15 20-11 7-16 18-11 9-18 22-15 13-29

among others.

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