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What's Your Hurry?

To open the month, we've chosen a speed problem that may take you a bit longer than some of the others we've run in the past. In fact, we were right on the edge in our decision as to whether or not this is a true speed problem; but the solution is simple and snappy... once you see it.

You know the drill. Click below to show the problem and start the clock. We've allowed you three minutes on this one, but what's your hurry?

April 2006 Speed Problem

We're sure of one thing, though; we know you won't lose any time clicking on Read More to reveal the solution.



20-24 23-18 11-16 19-15 16-19 15-11---A 19-16 28-19 16-14 Black Wins.

A---15-10 ends the festivities even faster after 19-16 28-19 16-7.

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