The Checker Maven

Oh My Goodness

We think we've chosen an appropriate title for this month's stroke problem, which at first glance looks as scary as that big snake in the photo above.


White to Play and Win


Will you be squeezed by the complexity of the problem, or will you slither away successfully? Either way, click on Read More to uncoil the solution.


29-25 22-29 31-22 18-25 14-9 7-14 19-10 28-19 9-6 2-9 10-7 3-10 12-3 19-12 20-16 12-19 3-8 4-11 21-17 14-21 5-23 White Wins.

We didn't say it was easy! And we persist in our belief that the solution of stroke problems is one of the best ways to develop superior visualization skills.

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