The Checker Maven

A Turning Point?

Found on the web, in an otherwise serious and rather well done review of the Chessmaster for Xbox product:

"There comes a time in a personís life where they feel the urge to make the leap from checkers to chess. This is considered a turning point in an individualís mental development - the move from king meís (sic) to En Passantís (sic) is huge and requires excellent coaching and practice, practice, practice."

The Checker Maven isn't about to launch into one of those hackneyed checkers-vs.-chess debates; we play both games, and find depth and challenge enough for a lifetime in either one.

But, a turning point in one's mental development?

We'd wager a month's beer that the reviewer has never experienced checkers at anything much beyond the toybox level. In fact, we've personally invited him to drop by The Checker Maven website and try out a few of our simpler problems.

That just might turn out to be, in fact, a turning point in one individual's mental development.

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