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No, the folks above aren't talking about a movie or a video game. They're actually touting a summer camp, packed with active rather than passive adventure. Sounds good to us.

This month's speed problem is action-packed, too--- and quite active. Solve it and see why.

White to Play and Win


We'd say it's on the upper end of easy in difficulty, not quite medium, but certainly not trivial and very nice. Skilled players won't need a lot of time. The rest of us might need a little longer, but it's definitely within reach. Take action, try it out, and then click on Read More to check your solution.20050904-symbol.gif


15-10 6x15 21-17 14x30 23x5 30x23 27x2 White Wins.

Thanks to regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon for sending us this nice problem, which arose in one of their action-packed nightly games.

What did you think of this problem? We certainly thought it was


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