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Will The Real Doogz Please Stand Up?

Lest you be mistaken, this isn't the Doogz to whom we refer, and today's problem has nothing to do with that new British genre of music known as grime, nor are we concerned with the London grime musician formerly known as Doogz, and who now calls himself Durrty Goodz.

Instead, we're talking about a checker player from Glasgow, Scotland, named Douglas, and who uses the name Doogz on the It's Your Turn game site. Douglas, or Doogz, was kind enough to send us the following problem.


White to Move and Win

There are several branches in the solution, and full credit is only obtained if you find them all. Are you up to this rather "grimy" challenge? Try it out, and then click on Read More when you've "come clean" and are ready to check your results.


18-14 (or 15) 22-29 14-10 29-25 5-9 25-22 9-13 22-18---A 30-26! 21-25 13-9 25-29---B 9-5 29-25 10-6 2-9 5-23 White Wins.

A---25-29 10-6 2-9 13-6 29-25 6-9 25-22 9-13 22-18 13-17 White Wins.

B---25-30 9-5 30-23 32-27 23-32 10-6 2-9 5-23 White Wins.

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