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Solution to CV-4: Donnybrook

CV-4: Donnybrook
White to Play and Win


24-19 23x16 20x2 14-17---A 21x14 22-17 31x22 17x1---B 28-24---C 4-8 24-19 8-12 2-7---D 5-9 13x6 1x3 22-18 3-7 18-15 White Wins---E.

A---Black has a wide variety of possible moves here, but this 2 for 2 may give him the best chance for a draw over the board.

B---White seemingly has a crushing grip on the game, but in fact very precise play is necessary.

C---Moving the piece on 22 or playing 2-7 would give Black a 2 for 1.

D---But now White can and indeed must give Black a 2 for 1.

E---Winning with the move.

Problem composer Ed Atkinson notes that all White moves are star moves, and says of his problem, "This one has been described as 'weirdo' by a well known problemist and as 'psycho' by an expert player and solver."

We'd prefer to just call it "unique and entertaining." We hope you enjoyed it, and our thanks to Ed for sending it our way.null

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