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Memorial Day 2020


Memorial Day has a long history. Once called Decoration Day, it began in various forms after the Civil War, at least as early as 1868, but it wasn't until 1971 that it actually became an official Federal holiday in the United States. Originally it was celebrated on May 30, but it is now observed on the last Monday of May. (There is even a Confederate Memorial Day celebrated at the end of April in a few Southern states, but apparently it's not "politically correct" to mention it.)

Memorial Day is an important observation, a day to honor and remember those who gave everything to safeguard our freedom. As is so often said, freedom isn't free.

On Memorial Day weekend we like to feature a checker problem by a celebrated American composer from the past. Often it's Tom Wiswell, but this year we turn to Charles Hefter, who as a keen analyst specialized in problems that represented corrections to actual play. This makes Mr. Hefter's offerings practical as well as entertaining.

White to Play and Win


The White win proposed by the problem terms might look a bit--- problematical-- but it's there, and not really all that difficult to find. Can you solve it? See what you can do and then click on Read More to see the solution.null


1-6 7-11---A 6-10 23-19---B 9-13 15-18 10-15! 9x17 13x8 White Wins.

A---15-18 6-10 7-11 10-15 White Wins.

B---15-19 10-7 11-15 7-11 23-18 9-13 18x9 13x6 15-18 11-15 White Wins.


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