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A Coronavirus Update From The Checker Maven


Many of our Checker Maven readers are on the older side (your editor certainly is), and some of us have underlying health issues, making the Coronavirus significantly more risky.

We highly value each and every one of our readers and want you all to stay well, safe, and healthy. And so we have a suggestion.

Of course, follow the dictates of your health and emergency officials. But if you're in a higher-risk group, you can always stay home and study checkers or play online. Hopefully that will increase your chances of avoiding infection, and occupy your mind with something other than unproductive worry.

This isn't a just a flippant recommendation, and it's exactly what we're going to do ourselves if the situation here in Hawai`i worsens, as it very well might.

Be safe and well, checker fans, wherever you are.null


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