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All Is Not Lost


Some situations seem pretty hopeless. In the image above, things don't look so great for our hero. But you might guess that he's not one to easily give up.

The same is often true on the checkerboard. Take a look at the position below.

White to Play and Win


White is going to lose a piece and nothing will stop that. But indeed all is not lost---there still is a way to win, if you don't give up hope and can find your way through. This isn't quite a speed problem, but it isn't all that difficult, either. Stay the course and win the battle, then click on Read More to verify your victory.

And stay safe and well, checker fans, wherever you are.null


15-11 18x9 10-7 3x10 11-7 2x11 8x13 12-16 13-17 16-20 17-22 20-24 22-26 24-27 26x19 White Wins.

Thanks go to our regular contributors, Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto. The position arose over the board in one of their nightly games. It's a great illustration of the idea that when things are looking down, you need to look up.

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