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Some Things Don't Work Out


Looks like something didn't work out in the photo above. Maybe whoever is responsible needs to try again, or try a little harder in the first place.

This month's speed problem--- we'll call it that because it's on the easy side, if not quite in the 10 second category--- illustrates the concept. Not everything works out. If you can see what doesn't work out, you'll find the solution right away.


White to Play and Draw


Once again we won't use our Javascript clock; just do the best you can to sort out right from wrong. And something that's right for sure: clicking on Read More will show you the solution.null


What's really interesting about this problem is what doesn't work.

23-18!---A 16x23 14-10 7x14 18x2 Drawn.

A---At first glance you might think 31-27 is correct, but 31-27 7-11 14-10 11x18 10x1---B 8-11 23x14 16x32 Black Wins.

B---23-14 6-31 Black Wins.

This problem was contributed by regular correspondents Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto, a father and son team who play checkers together every night and come up with very interesting cross-board positions.


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