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The Almost Shortest Month


We've written before about February being the shortest month of the year, when mortgage, rent, and other monthly payments remain unchanged despite covering fewer days. Well, this February is slightly different, as 2020 is a leap year and February gets an extra day. We suppose that helps at least a little bit.

To start out this "almost shortest month" we have a relatively easy speed problem. We'll skip the Javascript clock this month and just ask you to solve it in the "almost shortest" time possible.

White to Play and Win


When you have the solution let your mouse take the "almost shortest" path to Read More to verify your answer.null


24-19 16-20 31-27 23-26---A 27-24 20x27 32x14 White Wins.

A---Black would probably be better off just sacrificing immediately with 20-24, but the game is lost no matter.

Easy enough. And now enjoy the remaining 28 days of February!


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