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Uh-oh. Someone is in deep trouble. That fellow is going to have to work very hard and very quickly to find a draw and avoid a loss, so to speak.

Of course, things like this come up in checkers all the time. We make a move and then wish we had made another. Sometimes the draw is still there, and sometimes not. Take a look at the position below.

Black to Play, White to Draw


White has just played 6-9. It looks logical at first glance, doesn't it? Actually, the move is sound if maybe not optimal, but as usual, playing it out over the board is the real issue. This quick little study is based on a position sent to us by regular contributors Josh and Lloyd Gordon of Toronto. It's not quite a speed problem, but it isn't too hard if you keep your wits about you.

Stay out of trouble; solve the problem and be able to say the much more positive phrase, "I did it!" You can always click on Read More to check your solution.null


13-17---A 30-25*---B 18-22! 9x18---C 22x31---D 18-15 19x26---E 15-11 31x24 11x27 Drawn.

A---Probably Black's best try.

B---9-13 loses to 18-22 13-9 22x31 9x18 31x24 Black Wins.

C---Or 25x18 16-20 23x16 14x32 Drawn.

D---22x29 18-22 17-21 22-18 21-25 18-15 White Wins.

E---31x24 15-11 19x26 11x27 26-31 27-23 17-21 25-22 Drawn.

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