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Our Checker School series has recently featured 'gem' problems from noted problemist William Veal. Today we conclude the series and "reVEAL' a photo of Mr. Veal in his later days. The photo appeared in a 1952 edition of Elam's Checker Board while noting Mr. Veal's passing. The Checker Maven thanks correspondent (and himself a champion problemist) Ed Atkinson for the photo.

Now let's look at today's problem.

Black to Play and Win


White is a man down but is about to even the count. Yet Black, through clever play, can still win it. The problem is about 'medium' in difficulty and reVEALs a nice little tactical trick. Can you find it? You know what we're going to say--- clicking on Read More will reVEAL the solution.null


16-20 28x19 20-24 19-16 24-28 15-19---A 25-30 19x26 30x23 16-11 23-27!---B 31x24 28x19 Black Wins.

A---This seems to be White's best try.

B---An exchange to switch 'the move' and ensure a Black victory. This means of changing 'the move' has won many a game.

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