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Summer Speed


Summer speed. It can mean a number of things, but today we encourage you to enjoy the way things slow down to 'summer speed' during those long, warm days. Take some time to relax and get out of the daily rat race that persists during the larger part of the year. Surely take time to enjoy a little checkers.

So for us, today, 'summer speed' refers to a nice little speed problem provided by regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto. This one falls into the 'very easy' category so we won't even bother with the Javascript clock. Just solve it at whatever speed you like.

White to Play and Win


Surely you've solved it already, but if you'd like to double-check, click on Read More to see the snappy solution.null


14-9 5x14 7-3 16x7 3x26 White Wins.

And now, back to the beach, the lake, the mountains, or wherever your heart desires. Maybe just a coffee shop down the street--- or a cafe in Paris. In any case, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy summer.


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