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Not Quite So Fast


Hey, slow down a bit! What's the rush?

At times things just take a little longer. The driver of the car above is likely headed for trouble.

In the game of checkers, not everything can be done quite so quickly all the time, so this month we have a speed problem that, while not so hard, might take a bit longer, and we've dispensed with the Javascript clock. Take as much time as you need--- although we suspect it won't be too very much. Maybe.

White to Play and Win


The procedure is straightforward, you just have to think it through a little. Mind the speed limits, solve the problem, and then hasten--- cautiously--- to click on Read More to see the solution.null


24-20 12-16---A 28-24 8-12---B 23-19 16x23 26x10 14x23 27x18 White Wins.

A---If 3-7 then 22-17 WW or if 2-7 then 20-16 WW.

B---Black now loses a man no matter what.

Our thanks to regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon, who continue to send us interesting problems based on their nightly games.

Addendum: Brian Hinkle wrote to us to point out that 24-19x also wins for White, and 22-17 is yet another likely White win. Thanks, Brian!

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