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Once More Into The Breeches


"Once more into the breeches" is a common saying, generally meaning, "let's try again." It's a misquote of "once more unto the breeches" which is in turn a misquote of "once more unto the breach" as spoken by King Henry in Shakespeare's Henry V.

Breeches in checkers has a specific tactical meaning; a king slips in-between two opposing pieces and will capture one or the other on the next move. And "breeches" may or may not be a hint for today's speed problem.

White to Play and Draw


Can you breach the gap and find the solution quickly? Don't get caught with your breeches (britches?) down! Find the solution and then let your mouse breach Read More to check your answer.null


15-19---A 16x23 14-9 5x14 10x19 Drawn.

A---14-9 5x14 10x26 30x23 15-19---B 23-18 19x12 18-14 12-8 28-24 8-11 24-19 11-7 19-15 7-2 15-10---C Black Wins.

B---The breeches. It evens things up, right?

C---Ah, yes, the move, the opposition--- it has its ways, and it is ever wise to count them.

Thanks to regular contributors Lloyd and Josh Gordon of Toronto for sending this little gem along to us.

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