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Hard Fall Problem


The first day of fall is just a few days away at the time this column will be published, and it's time to get serious. All the students are back in school and all regular activities have likely resumed by now. With cold weather ahead, it's time to sharpen your checker skills to prepare for the busy checker season ahead.

Of course, The Checker Maven is always willing to help, so we've got a problem today that's somewhat tougher than last week's entry.

White to Play and Win


Will you solve it or fall down on this one? You should be able to solve it, but you can always let your mouse fall on Read More to see the solution.null


6-2 7-11 17-21 25-30---A 18-15 11x18 2-7 3x17 21x32 White Wins---B.

A---25-29 plays out the same way.

B---White has the "move", or opposition: 30-26 32-27 etc.

Well, it probably wasn't that hard, but we hope you'll agree it was a good exercise in visualization. Onward to victory!


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