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Labor Day 2017


On every Labor Day holiday, we pay tribute to the common man and woman. Yes, we've said it before, but it's worth saying again: These are the people who, through honest hard work, make our nation what it is. Whatever you do, be proud of it and celebrate your contribution. We believe that all occupations are honorable, and that the farmer in the field and the laborer on the construction site can take pride of place right alongside the business executive and the real estate tycoon. We all have our job to do, and all of it is important.

Checkers is a great equalizer. Great players have come from humble origins. Over the board, it makes no difference if you're rich or poor, famous or unknown; only your skill and ability count for anything.

We don't know what your life's calling may be, but if you're here, you must be a checker fan, and today, as we recognize Labor Day together, we hope we've got something pleasing for you. Naturally, we've turned to that great problemist and American patriot, Tom Wiswell, with a composition he called "The Pocket."

Black to Play and Draw


This is a very practical problem, showing a way to get a draw when things look rather difficult. Would you be able to find the draw over the board? Labor away at it--- checkers is an honorable pursuit if there ever was one--- and then work your mouse over to Read More to see the solution.null


9-14 13-9 14-17---A 25-21 17-22---B 9-6 22-26---C6-2 26-31 2-7 31-27 7x16 27-24 19-15 24-19 Drawn---D

A---14-18 loses to 9-14.

B---23-27 is not good enough: 23-27 21x14 27-31 9-6 31-27 6-10 27-23 19-15 11x18 10-15 18-22 15-18 White Wins.

C---22-25 loses: 22-25 6-2 25-30 2-7 White Wins.

D---Mr. Wiswell calls this formation "The Pocket" and knowing about it is of great practical utility in cross-board play.

And finally, we'll close with a most appropriate quote from Mr. Wiswell: "Every diligent worker is not a checker master, but every checker master is a diligent worker."

Enjoy and celebrate Labor Day!


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