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4th of July: America United


It's not often that The Checker Maven presents a political message or takes a political stand, but as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our great nation on our wonderful 4th of July holiday, we can't help but wish for unity among us.

In our Republic, Americans are free to differ and indeed we celebrate our differences. But the kind of divisiveness we've seen over the past year or so is good for no one. Why can't we agree to disagree about some things, but still unite for the sake of our nation?

The 4th of July is an appropriate time to reflect on the fact that we are one nation and one people, e pluribus unum, from the many--- one. Let's work together for the good of us all.

And for our checker problem today, we've simply got to turn to Tom Wiswell, that great problemist and great American patriot.

White to Play and Draw


Can checkers be a great unifying factor? Why not? Try out this problem and then click on Read More to see how to do it. The solution is one worthy of a master; maybe you might enjoy getting together with your checker friends--- regardless of anyone's political views--- to work it out.20050904-symbol.gif


16-11 7x16 19x12 18-22 28-24 22-25 24-19 25-29 19-15 3-7 12-8 29-25 14-9---A 6x13 8-3---B 23-26 3x10---C 26-30 15-11 etc., to a draw.

A---Mr. Wiswell notes that the seemingly "obvious" 8-3 loses after 7-10 14-7 23-26. As we always say, checkers is subtle.

B---Now this move is correct.

C---Black now can't get the shot as 13-17 loses two men.


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