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Winter Break


If you live in a cold North American climate, you probably can use a bit of a winter break. Now, there's a definite difference between a winter break--- an escape from the cold--- and a spring break, which is often associated with hijinx on the part of college students.

But we think a winter break can also stand a bit of mischief, at least of the checker nature. So we've chosen a problem that was originally titled "Maryland Mischief." Surely, Maryland can suffer from some serious winter weather, and perhaps this is a Marylander's way of taking a break. Have a look and see what you think.

White to Play, What Result?


Attributed to a Wilson Coudon of Elkton, Maryland, you can tell you're in for some mischief from the problem terms alone, as it's one of those "What Result?" puzzlers that often leave you guessing. That diagonal lineup looks pretty mischievious, too. Perhaps the fact that White is down a piece will provide a clue?

Take a short winter break and see what you can do with this one, then click your playful mouse on Read More to see the solution.20050904-symbol.gif


The computer (KingsRow) thinks Black has the tiniest of advantages, yet sees this as a probable draw.

25-30---A 7-10 8-3 10-14 3-7 24-27 7x16 27-32 30-26 31-27 26-23 27-31 etc., to a draw.

A---Don't play the tempting looking 25-21? which loses by this incredible sequence: 25-21 18-15 19-3 11-16 28-12 31-26 21-14 22-25 29-22 26-10 and White, three pieces up, is lost after 3-7 10-3.

Mischievious? You bet! The draw via 25-30 isn't very spectacular, but the loss by 25-21 surely is. We hope you enjoyed this little diversion.

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