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In the United States, the Tuesday after this column appears is election day and Hillary and Donald are going head to head with the White House as the prize. We're writing this column some weeks in advance, so we don't know the current state of the polls, but we can safely say that this is the most, um, unique presidential election in many a year.

We urge you to get out and vote for the candidates of your choice. The right to vote is also a responsibility. Please do cast your ballot as your conscience dictates.

In checkers, going "head to head" over the board can also be quite a contest, although even as checker enthusiasts we have to admit that the stakes are somewhat lower, thankfully, than those in a Presidential election. No polls, no talking heads doing endless analysis of incredibly fine points, and, hopefully, no rancor, but instead just the enjoyment of the game.

Here's an actual "head to head" game, played long ago by Berry Mitchell and Chas. Hefter. (The actual players are not depicted below.)


1. 11-15 23-19
2. 8-11 22-17
3. 4-8 17-13
4. 15-18 24-20
5. 10-15

11-15 is better; White now gets an edge.

5. ... 19-10
6. 7-14

6-15 may be the better choice of jumps.

6. ... 26-23
7. 11-15 28-24
8. 8-11

Loses. 2-7 is correct.

8. ... 30-26
9. 2-7

6-10 is better; Black's situation is now even worse.

9. ... 26-22
10. 3-8 23-19
11. 7-10
White to Play and Win


The win isn't terribly hard to find; would it be that all the problems the next President will face were as easy! Elect your best line of play and then vote with your mouse on Read More to verify your solution.20050904-symbol.gif


11. ... 20-16
12. 11-20 31-26
13. 8-11 26-23

White wins. Black has no safe move.

Once again, we urge you to do as we here at The Checker Maven will do: vote on Tuesday!


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