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The Speed of "May"


We thought that the shirt shown above made for a great speed problem image for the month of "May." Warning: Bad puns ahead.

This month's speed problem "may" require a little more thought than usual. We categorize it as being of "medium" difficulty, though "may"be you'll find it easier or harder.

May Speed Problem (Medium, 30 seconds)

Whenever you "may" be ready, click on the link above to display the problem and start the clock. Then come back here, after which you "may" click on Read More to check your solution.20050904-symbol.gif


Black to Play and Win


7-10 14x7---A 11-15 19x10 12x19---B 24x15 2x25 to a Black win.

A---16x7 10x26 7-3 26-31 to a Black win.

B---Don't play too fast here; 2-11 loses!

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