Convert GoldToken Backgammon Move List to Snowie Text Format

You may wish to print these instructions and bookmark this page.

  1. From your GoldToken game screen, highlight the move list and copy it (Edit, Copy). Be careful to highlight all the moves, including the move numbers, and nothing else. It's all too easy to miss the first move number or copy extra stuff at the top and bottom.
  2. Come back to this screen.
  3. Click in the box below and paste (Edit, Paste).
  4. Click on Submit for Conversion.
  5. You will get back a screen with the converted move list.
  6. Click File, Save As. Ignore any warning messages.
  7. Very important: be sure the "Save As Type" is set to "Text".
  8. Save the screen under whatever name you wish.
  9. The file you just saved is ready for import to GNU Backgammon or Snowie as a Snowie text file.