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How to Use The Checker Diagram Creator

Make Your Diagram

In the top row, click on '64' or '100' to select 64 or 100 square diagrams, respectively (64 is the default). In the screen that appears, click on the piece that you want to place, then click on the square on which the piece is to appear. Use the blank tile to erase a piece. Click on the empty board tile to clear the board; click on the full board tile to generate the start of game position. An alternative although experimental (i.e. possibly buggy) means of setting up a position is to enter FEN position notation in the box marked 'FEN String' and then clicking on "Show it." This will erase whatever might be shown on the board at the moment. The FEN option is useful in conjunction with checker playing programs that will export FEN to the clipboard. You can then paste in the string and draw your diagram. Click on the radio button corresponding to the diagram design type you prefer (mouse over the various types to see a popup sample board). Use the 'Flip' button to flip the current board position around. Use the disk tile to save the position in a cookie; use the folder tile to restore the position from the cookie (you can only save one position at a time). When everything is ready, click 'Draw It'.

Customize Your Diagram

Your diagram will appear on the next screen. You can change the style by clicking a different radio button and clicking the button below. You can save the diagram on our server by clicking the 'Save on Server' button. (Images will be usually be kept a minimum of 90 days but we cannnot make guarantees. For long term usage or peace of mind, download by right-clicking on the diagram.)

Send It As a Postcard

You can email the diagram as an electronic postcard by clicking on the 'Email' button and following the directions on the screen that appears. Emails are usually valid for a minimum of 90 days (but again, no guarantees); for more permanent use, download the diagram and send it as an email attachment from your usual email program.


Please do not annoy others or over-use the email facility. We do record IP addresses as an anti-spam measure.

There are still bugs to be worked out in our local modifications to the checker diagram maker. These are our own fault and problem; FMJD's original code was nearly perfect.

Note that the diagram labels rely on a drawing transparency feature that is not rendered properly by defective browsers (such as Internet Explorer prior to release 7). Leave out the diagram labels if you are concerned about this, or have your readers/recipients switch to Firefox.

This is a free service and as such is provided as-is and without warranty or support of any kind. We take no responsibility for failed email deliveries or lack of availability of diagrams. This service may be discontinued at any time without prior notice. No liabilities of any type are accepted.

Please do not bother FMJD with questions. Address problems and questions to The Checker Maven.


Original code base, graphics, and style sheet used with the kind permission of the Federation Mondiale du Jeu de Dames, with additions and modifications by The Checker Maven.