The Edinburgh-based band Tranceport has produced a full CD of music inspired by the Chung Kuo novels. David Wingrove had considerable input as creative consultant, and the final product is a masterful reflection of the spirit and makeup of the world of Chung Kuo.

Tranceport's music is difficult to classify; it is part New Age, part rock, and very original. The music has depth and content and should be listened to carefully with the theme of each piece in mind. Readers of Chung Kuo will readily identify myriad elements in each composition relating to David Wingrove's creation. This is especially true in the chilling depiction of Chung Kuo's arch-villian De Vore.

Tranceport is a trio consisting of Alan March Martin, Bobby Gillies, and their leader, Stewart Robinson. Chung Kuo is their third CD album. Their first album was called Tranceglobal and was released through the Sheffield based independent company Surreal. The band recently released their second CD, Further, on their own Deep Phase label. They have appeared on a number of compilation CDs and have performed live on BBC Radio in Derby. Recently, they completed another album, Go Too, which will be released soon. Copies of Chung Kuo and Further can be obtained from Tranceport's company, Deep Phase for 15 pounds (plus 2 pounds shipping) per CD. Cheques should be made out to Stewart Robinson and sent to

Stewart Robinson/Tranceport
14 Champigny Court
East Lothian, EH7 5RL
United Kingdom.

Outside of the UK you might be well advised to contact Deep Phase in advance to find out the best means of payment and exact pricing for foreign shipment.

Note: current availability (February 2006) is unknown, check with Deep Phase before sending money!

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